Sightseeing flights

Don't hesitate to book a sightseeing flight today! The voucher is valid for 1 year. A sightseeing flight starts at Hosín Airport near České Budějovice. You can choose from a range of aircraft that you can fly in - there is a list of advantages and disadvantages of each aircraft below. Select from a wide range of sightseeing flights. You can fly over your home, perhaps find your future home from a bird's eye view or just enjoy the picturesque landscape of South Bohemia.





You can find a list of our current offerings here.




Important things before completing the booking process

Before you take a sightseeing flight, it is essential to become familiar with several important points associated with this beautiful experience. The following information will help you to have a safe and enjoyable flight.

How many persons will fly?
This is very important because each of our aircraft has limited seating capacity which influences the flight price, as well. If only one person is flying we recommend our DA-20 Katana that is best suited for single passenger flights. If two or more persons intend to fly, you can choose a flight on Cessna 172, DA-40, Zlin Z-43. To get a more detailed description of each aircraft, read the article below.

How to choose the length of the flight?
We offer several routes which are in South Bohemia. You can also see the duration of each one in minutes.

You can choose from the following routes:
* Hluboká Chateau - Bechyně - Zvíkov - Žďákovský Bridge - Karlštejn Castle - Praha-Letňany Airport - Konopiště Chateau - Tábor - České Budějovice - Hosín Airport - 120 minutes
* Hluboká Chateau - Č. Budějovice - Č.Krumlov – Lipno – Rožmberk Castle - Hosín Airport - 60 minutes
* Hluboká Chateau - Č. Budějovice – Hosín Airport - 20 minutes
* Hluboká Chateau - Č. Budějovice - Dívčí kámen Castle ruins – Hosín Airport - 30 minutes
* Hluboká Chateau - Č. Budějovice - Č.Krumlov – Hosín Airport - 40 minutes
* Hluboká Chateau - Č. Budějovice - Č.Krumlov – Lipno – Hosín Airport - 50 minutes

If you desire a more personalized flight plan we can be reached at +420 731 410 600. We can customize your flight plan to accommodate your needs.


What type of aircraft to choose?
Your aircraft selection is important and will influence the entire flight. These are the characteristics of the aircraft you can choose from:
Cessna 172 (3 passengers + 1 pilot) or DA-20 Katana (1 passenger + 1 pilot).

What weather conditions and time is best for a flight?
We fly from dawn to dusk every day. Each hour of a day or weather condition has its own charm. We constantly monitor current weather conditions through the national weather radar and other sources. Spring is a wonderful time for a flight, as well winter with our snow-covered landscapes.

Now that you know how to choose the aircraft, date and length of a sightseeing flight, we want to focus on maximizing your enjoyment while flying with us. The following information will help you prepare for your flight.

Where will we be flying out of?
We will meet at the Hosín Airport on the day of your flight.

What to bring with you?
Nothing special is required. Your pilot will meet you at the airport ready fly out on your adventure in Bohemia.

Are we allowed to take photos or record a video during the flight?
You can take photos, call, text, record a video, everything is allowed :-)

What about the temperature, isn't it cold on the plane?
A plane is just like a car, it can be cold outside but warm in the plane.

Is it possible to rebook a flight in case of bad weather?
Certainly, the voucher is valid for 1 year at least, therefore we can arrange a better date in case of bad weather.


Click here to generate to voucher.

We will issue a voucher for each flight that you can give to your loved ones.

Aircrafta 20 minute flighta 30 minute flighta 40 minute flighta 50 minute flighta 60 minute flighta 90 minute flighta 120 minute flight
Cessna 172 Cessna 172 (3 passengers + 1 pilot) 1 833 CZK
2 750 CZK
3 667 CZK
4 583 CZK
5 500 CZK
8 250 CZK
11 000 CZK
DA 20 Katana DA 20 Katana (1 passenger + a pilot) 1 333 CZK
2 000 CZK
2 667 CZK
3 333 CZK
4 000 CZK
6 000 CZK
8 000 CZK