Butique Plane Trips

We love travelling and are constantly dreaming up new places to go. Do you love to travel as well? Try a Boutique Trip with us. Let us fly you there so your next adventure and not only will your trip be a sightseeing tour, but your visit to the zoo or city becomes an adventure. Let us make your next trip an adventure :-)

All sightseeing flights are only done in good weather when the experience is at its best. Nothing will put you in a better mood than a boutique day trip.


A boutique plane trip to PragueBoutique plane trips to the ZOOs around  the Czech RepublicA boutique plane trip to the AlpsA boutique plane trip to Air Museum Kbely in Prague
vylet-do-prahy-ikonka-en.jpg vylet-do-zoo-en.jpg vylet-nad-alpy-en.jpg vylet-do-muzea-praha-kbely-en.jpg